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Mary Pearl Powers Foreman

The creator of these scrapbooks was Mary Pearl (POWERS) FOREMAN, the daughter of John Henry POWERS and Valeria Katherine CHALK and wife of Eugene Willard FOREMAN. Pearl was born in Bell County, Texas the 10th day of December in the year 1879. She lived her childhood and adult life on Beal Street at the corner of Avenue F in Belton, Texas.

On the 3rd of November in 1897, Pearl married Eugene in Bell County. Pearl and Eugene were the proud parents of seven children. All were reared on south Beal Street in Belton, Texas. They were active at the First Christian Church located on the town square in Belton. The family spent many a day at the Confederate Park for different events such as the 4th of July celebration and church encampments, which are recorded in the scrapbooks.

To their grandchildren, Pearl and Eugene were known as "Nannie" and "Grand Dad". Grand Dad worked as a clerk in the mercantile stores and the flourmill while Nannie kept house.

Many of the articles in the scrapbooks tell about Bell County pioneers and their arrival in Texas. Nannie’s paternal grandfather, Tazewell POWERS, came to Texas from Coffee County, Tennessee in the mid 1850’s and settled in Bell County in 1860. Her maternal grandfather, William Roscoe CHALK came from Maury County, Tennessee about the same time period. Grand Dad’s paternal grandfather, Greene Lucas FOREMAN, was a citizen of the Republic of Texas in 1838. John McQuatty ARCHER, his maternal grandfather, was a resident of Texas as early as 1850. Both families were among the early pioneers of Bell County and most rest in the south and north Belton cemeteries.

Throughout these scrapbooks, Nannie has gathered many facts about her own family, friends, neighbors and the nation’s current events from the late 1880’s through 1930. She traced her son, Everett Roscoe FOREMAN, through World War I, her twin boys, Harrol and Howell accomplishments in California, and her daughter’s achievements through school. She was very proud of her family!

Many pages of these scrapbooks reflect the hardships, the happy times, and love our grandmother shared in her lifetime and now, with all future generations!


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